Communicating Effectively: Speech Therapy for Seniors


For many of us, speech therapy is common for children with speech difficulties or adults who struggle to speak in a stutter. But what we don’t know is that speech therapy is beneficial even to seniors. Here at Progressive Health, Inc., a trusted home care in Havertown, Pennsylvania, we want aging individuals to achieve the best possible quality of life through communicating effectively.

Speech therapy is a process known that addresses problems with speaking and swallowing. These problems may occur for any number of reasons, and they can be vital for seniors’ overall health and ability to communicate. Our home health care in Pennsylvania can help.

There are many known medical reasons why seniors’ ability to speak is compromised, but one of the most common reasons seniors lose some of their ability to speak is a result of a stroke. We have speech therapy and Private Care to help seniors.

We understand that there are other aspects and that communication is not only affected by stroke. This is why aside from helping seniors regain their ability to communicate effectively, we also provide home health aide services to give them the assistance they need.

If you want to meet the healthcare professionals, caregivers, and staff that made our quality healthcare services possible, please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with us.

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