The Wonders of Having a Home Health Care Companion


Many homebound people are left at home all day. Their family caregivers may be able to help them. They must, however, attend to other tasks that may need them to be away from home for extended periods. Seniors with chronic illnesses and individuals with disabilities require supervision to ensure a comfortable and safe home environment.

One of the most popular Personal Assistant Services (PAS) provided by Progressive Health, Inc. is home health care. Having a home health aide attend to your senior loved one daily or weekly basis benefits both the client and their family.

  • They can Assist with Mobility and Ambulation.
    Individuals with disabilities may have difficulty getting to and from certain areas of the home, particularly the restroom. Seniors and people with mobility issues need extra supervision whenever they go there because they are prone to falls and accidents. Having someone to rely on can help assure their safety.
  • They can Provide Regular Social Engagement.
    Being alone could make homebound individuals feel lonely. Having someone to talk to about their feelings, ideas, or memories can help lift their spirits. Companions can also introduce stimulating activities and hobbies to promote cognitive health.
  • They can Accompany Clients During Exercise.
    Exercise promotes healing and strength, and it can assist a person in staying healthy or managing a health condition. A home health companion assists their clients with their fitness routines.

Services at Reasonable Prices:

Home health care in Pennsylvania is significantly less expensive than facility-based care. Many people find that adding companion care and expanding patient care is considerably more cost-effective than making an abrupt switch to facility-based care before it is needed.

Are you in need of home care in Havertown, Pennsylvania? Reach us today!

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