The Difference Between a Personal Caregiver and HHA


Is there a distinction between a caregiver and home health aide (HHA)?

Both HHAs and personal caregivers have similar duties and responsibilities. They usually aid with the daily activities of living- such as housekeeping, meal preparation, errand running, transportation, and grocery shopping, as homemaker services.

The difference lies in the level of medical care they are trained and skilled to give. HHAs undergo advanced training and are licensed to provide basic health and medical assistance, such as administering medications, performing rehabilitation exercises, and treating surgical wounds- among others. A personal caregiver is usually not permitted to perform such medical tasks. In contrast, they only give general aid and companionship to their clients, particularly in their personal tasks such as bathing, grooming, or transporting them to doctor’s appointments or social events.

If you are looking for a reliable and compassionate home health aide who can help provide personal care and manage the health of your loved ones, Progressive Health, Inc. can provide you with one. Our home health aides were adequately trained to exhibit skills meant to perfectly execute personal care that is attuned to the needs of our clients. 

As a provider of quality home care in Havertown, Pennsylvania, we also provide the following services:

  • Skilled Nursing 
  • Waiver Program
  • Speech, Physical and Occupation Therapy
  • Medical Social Services and many more

For further inquiries on home health care in Pennsylvania, you can reach out to us at 610-789-1001 or 610-789-1001.

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