Are You Having a Hard Time Sleeping?


A change in your sleeping habits is a sign of aging. Adults who approach their later years often experience this. Insomnia, a broken sleeping pattern, and needing fewer hours of sleep are among the common examples. Although your reliable home health aide can help make you feel more comfortable and well-rested, other factors affect a person’s sleeping pattern. Here are some of the prominent ones.

  • Lack of Routine
    One of the major changes seniors face in retirement is the change of routine or the lack thereof. If your senior loved one is still struggling with this, rest assured that their home health care in Pennsylvania is here to help them adjust. The silver lining in this is that they now have the time to pursue personal interests and spend more time with loved ones too.
  • Heritability
    Insomnia is more often than not inherited by genetics. Although a person may be more biologically pre-determined to have insomnia, it’s not entirely out of control. Adjusting the environment of the bedroom is one helpful way to mitigate it. Your caregiver can install blackout curtains and put away screens that emit blue light to achieve this.
  • Physical and Mental Well-Being
    Did you know that melatonin production slows down as a person gets older? Melatonin is known as the sleep hormone, which is essential for falling asleep. Having less of this can make falling asleep more difficult than before. Our professional patient care however will help you regulate your sleeping habits in the best way we can.

For reliable, professional, and respectful home care in Havertown, Pennsylvania, feel free to reach Progressive Health, Inc. We are ready to answer your call for any inquiries and concerns that you may have.

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