How Difficult Is It to Have Depression?


Major Depressive Disorder, simply Depression, is a clinically diagnosed mental and behavioral disorder characterized by persistent and extreme feelings of sadness and demotivation. This mental illness is not foreign to us, but many people still believe that Depression is a feeling of sadness that they can easily snap out of when in fact, these people need in-depth client care. So, is having Depression really difficult? The answer is YES!

For the benefit of non-mental health professionals who keep fostering stigmatization against mental health, here’s a glimpse of what it feels like to have Depression.

  • Feelings of unhappiness and emptiness.
    Having Depression feels like there’s no pleasure or joy in life. It demotivates people and robs them of their dreams, passion, and everything they used to love.
  • Feelings of hopelessness.
    It feels like a certain problematic situation has no way out, leaving you feeling stuck in the darkness, worthless, and suicidal.
  • Physically painful and troubling.
    People suffering from Depression are prone to body pain, nausea, and even sleeping problems that require immediate patient care.
  • Confusion.
    Having Depression hinders a person from thinking clearly and following the events in their lives. They tend to get confused easily, which begets decision-making problems.

Indeed, Depression is complex, and the effects mentioned above are only some of its manifestations. Ergo, home health aide and mental health professionals of Progressive Health, Inc. felt the need to address the misconceptions about Depression.

Our home health care in Pennsylvania is equipped with the right tools, equipment, and people to educate the public about this and provide those directly affected with behavioral health and symptom management services at home.

Contact our home care in Havertown, Pennsylvania, to get started!

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